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Why People like us?

1. We are updating Rupee Expense with GST Billing System.
2. We launched Aarogyapp Software for Hospital Management.
3. We launched Eduko hub Software for School Management System.
4. We launched Aarogyapp Pharmacy Software for Hospital and Pharmacy.
5. We launched Aarogyapp laboratory Software for Hospitals.
6. We are providing the Barcode Editor for Hospital Management.
The Alpha Techfetch entire project deals with creating the employment and developing the technology at an advanced level to the people. The main motive is to be best service provider and enhance the area of business by meeting the today’s competitive challenges.
We will put together the correct team to solve your issues in a timely manner.
We bring a mix of skills that are needed to fulfill your requirements.
We take a customer-oriented approach to every task.
The company combines innovative approaches and solutions, inherent to talented specialists, with experience and caution, inherent to big companies. Adopting best qualities of big companies, we avoid their drawbacks. Assuring the same level of professionalism, Alpha Techfetch can work faster and offer lower prices than similar but a bit larger company. To ensure the quality of our solutions and services, we constantly apply the corporate system of quality control. It complies with international standards and requirements applicable for software quality control. We apply the quality control system for all the stages of the project life cycle.

To be the best in key areas of competence and offer good standards of quality in our services at global competitive cost and strengthening the business policies based on ethical values.
To provide and delivers the best in class services at the lowest cost in the industry and enriching your business values to higher standards.
Strengthening the relationship and confidence level of our customers by meeting their expectations.



Hospitals | medical labs | medical stores | Nursing Homes etc.

Aarogyapp is for Hospitals, medicals labs, medicals stores management and billing system software...

Eduko Hub

Schools | Colleges | Training Centers | Institutes etc.

Eduko Hub is a education institution management and information system software...

Rupee Xpense

Retail and Wholesale Stores | Manufacturing Units | Textile Stores | jewellery Stores | Bakery etc.

Rupee Xpense is a business management and billing system software. It suitable for any business solutions etc...

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