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Our Skill

Business consulting | Web Development | .Net / Java Application Development
Mobile Applications | e-Publishing | Testing Services


Graphic Design


Web developing


Application Development


Data Management

Our Focus On

Alpha Techfetch primarily focuses on IT services development in India. The entire project deals with creating employment and developing technology at an advanced level for business people. The main motive is to be the best service provider and enhance the area of business by meeting today’s competitive challenges.
We will put together the correct team to solve your issues in a timely manner.
We bring a mix of skills that are needed to fulfil your requirements.
We take a customer-oriented approach to every task.
The company combines innovative approaches and solutions, inherent to talented specialists, with experience and caution, inherent to big companies. By adopting the best qualities of big companies, we avoid their drawbacks. Assuring the same level of professionalism, Alpha Techfetch can work faster and offer lower prices than similar but a bit larger companies.
What is more, the company encourages initiative and a friendly climate in the teams. All of this enables us to freely share our experiences, exchange acquired knowledge, and make sound decisions as a group. Adapting to the indicative qualities of big companies, we try to avoid their drawbacks at the same time. Assuring the same level of professionalism, Alpha Techfetch is capable of working faster and offering more cost-competitive services as compared to the prices set by larger companies.
To ensure the quality of our solutions and services, we constantly apply the corporate system of quality control. It complies with international standards and requirements applicable to software quality control. We apply the quality control system to all stages of the project life cycle.

Team of Management

G.A Rajacharyulu

Chief financial Officer


Chief Information Officer

Team of Alpha Techfetch

Development Team :-


Senior php Developer
  • Exp: 3+ years

V Moulika

PHP Developer
  • Exp: 5+ years


Web Developer
  • Exp: 3+ years

Anil kumar

Senior php Developer
  • Exp: 3+ years

Supporting Team :-

S Sirisha



  •    Head Office:
    H.NO:2-87,Alpha House,Hospital Street,

    A.P.S.R.T.C Complex, Ponduru -532168,

    Srikakulam Dist, AP.

  •    Work Station:
    2nd Floor, Southern Agencies Building

    Upstairs,G.T Road, Srikakulam , AP.

  • info@alphatechfetch.com

Office Hours

  • Monday - Friday : 9:30am - 6:30pm
  • Saturday             : 9:30am - 5pm
  • Sunday               : Holiday

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